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When you are looking to set up a website, there are many things to consider. There is registering a new domain name, design work, setting up web hosting, security, firewalls, search engine optimization and so much more to consider. The good news is you don’t need to work with multiple companies for each stage of creating a new website. Ottawa Website Solutions is your one-stop shop for domain registration, website design, hosting and all related services. Whatever your project, we can help you put it all together with simple efficient tools, and at a reasonable cost.

Web Hosting

All of our servers use SSD drives for lightning fast speed. All of our hosting plans come with a Free Domain Validated SSL certificate and a cPanel user interface that provides access to Perl, PHP, FTP, mail, webmail, SMTP Server, MySQL databases, statistics, and many other tools and features. Our plans are fully scalable should you outgrow your space.

We constantly monitor and optimize our servers to operate with the most up-to-date versions of WordPress, PHP and other software to ensure the highest performance and security standards.

Web Design

Ottawa Website Solutions creates websites that are mobile responsive, modern, secure and scalable. We specialize in creating sites using the popular WordPress platform. More than 40% of the world’s websites are built using WordPress as their content management system (CMS).

If you like taking a hands-on approach, WordPress allows you to easily edit text and images after we’ve built the site for you. For those who prefer a hands-off approach, we can provide fully managed services. We can also create many different types of websites, including complex database driven and ecommerce applications. We offer design packages for both standard and ecommerce websites. Let us know what you looking for and we will make it happen.

Bundle and Save! Purchase a design package from us and get your first 3 months of hosting for free.

Related Services

Domain Name Registration
Your website’s domain name is not only its address on the internet, but it is also an important part of your marketing brand. All domain names must be registered and renewed yearly. We offer online pricing for domain name registration services on the most common domain names extensions of .com, .net, .org, and .ca only. We can provide a quote on other domain extensions. Just let us know what name and extension you are looking for, and we can take care of the rest.

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Domain Registration Privacy
We offer domain name ownerhip privacy as an addon option for those who want to ensure their personal data is kept out of the public domain. Our ultimate domain ownership pricacy coverage gives users the same privacy as the regular domain privacy plan. In addition, it provides added protection against malwar, and also monitors search engine blocklists (also called deny lists) to ensure your domain reputation has not been compromised.

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Unique IP
Although a unique IP address is not necessary for most websites on the internet, there are many reasons that some of the more advanced sites (in particular ecommerce websites) require a Unique Dedicated IP address to work properly.

Another reason clients may choose to purchase a Unique Dedicated IP hosting plan is that search engines algorithms are known to provide higher ranking to sites hosted on a dedicated IP address.

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Premium Firewall
The free version of the firewall we use when creating sites is updated monthly and is fine to use for most sites that see low to moderate traffic. We also offer a premium enterprise solution firewall option that updates your site virus definition in real time as known threats are identified, scans your website for malware injection. The Premium Firewall addon is highly recommended for any high traffic or ecommerce website.

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Advanced Hosting Accounts

Managed websites, reseller accounts, virtual private servers (VPS), as well as dedicated servers are all available, but subject to a quote based on your requirements. Contact us to get the conversation started.

The prices quoted on this site are in Canadian dollars. Canadian customers are subject to Canadian taxes based on the province of residence.